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Welcome To GTA Bathroom Renovations

We are an Oshawa based Bathroom Renovation company that services all of the GTA & Durham.

We focus only on bathroom renovations and remodelling and have become experts in this field. We have spent years developing techniques that provide our clients with the most amazing results.

All bathroom renovations are completely customized to your needs and wants. We fully service and go through the renovation process step by step to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your results.

We originally started our company in Oshawa. However, we have now expanded and service all over the GTA such as in Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax & Whitby. We do all the heavy lifting if you’d like to purchase your own materials you can. However, if you want to be completely hands-off we’ll handle that as well.

Why choose us? Well, we have been specializing in bathroom renovations for years. But we’d like to let our results do the talking. Take a look below for a gallery of bathrooms we’ve worked on in the past. Additionally, we’ve included a few testimonials from past clients!

Our Simple 3 Step Renovation Process

Step 1: Free Quotation

We come to visit you for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team will provide our expertise and recommendations if needed.

Step 2: The Planning

After we assess and discuss exactly what your needs and wants are we build out a gameplan accordingly.

Step 3: The Build

The last step is we arrange the installation date and build your dream bathroom!


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“The quality of work from these guys were amazing. We actually asked them to help renovate 2 more bathrooms in our house after they finished with the first one.”

​- Adam S.

“GTA Renovations really took all the effort out of having to re-do my entire bathroom. I was dreading having to go through the process, but they were incredibly helpful with the design and finishing the job in a timely matter.”

– Jennifer W.

“We were in the process of selling our old house and wanted to make some renovations before putting in on the market. We were able to add thousands of dollars to the value of our home before selling!”

– Rebecca R.

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Servicing The Surrounding Durham/GTA Area with Bathroom Renovations

It’s usually the same process. You’re looking to get a bathroom renovation done, but you’re not exactly sure who to go with. What the right price will be and if your contractor will do a good job. Choosing a bathroom renovator can be pretty confusing, especially when all of the companies claim to be the “best.” In Oshawa and Durham alone, there are tons of companies both big and small that do bathroom renovations.

Below we have some frequently asked questions regarding our service that may help sway you in our direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Bathroom Renovation Process Work?

First things first, we schedule an appointment at your location completely free of charge. We can then go over a game plan with you on the best course of action. This includes determining your budget, approximate timeline and what will be needed to get your project started.

Do you charge for a house/condo visit?

No, we do not charge for a visit to give a quote. However, we do go over a few simple questions to see if we can help you in the first place.

Do you have preferred pricing on Bathroom Renovation products?

Yes of course! We’ve partnered up with the big supplier companies and we should be able to get you better discounts on materials than you normally would if you were going to home depot.

I want to revamp a portion of my bathroom, is that possible or do you need to renovate the entire thing?

Definitely not, however, we would recommend that you consider renovating the entire bathroom. This would be for a few reasons, one, if one side of your bathroom looked newer than the other side, it would make the overall aesthetic look unnatural. Two, the materials used on the non-renovated side of your bathroom may not hold up as well as the newer materials.

What areas do you service?

GTA Bathroom Renovations are based in Oshawa, however, we service all over Durham & the surrounding GTA.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by calling our phone number at 647-490-4229 or by filling out our contact form here.